Mah jongg Raffle

​#1 Bert Millhouse
#2 Kathy Werhner
#3 Kate Young
#4 Sandy Newman
#5 Kate Young
#6 Sarah Waryas
#7 Barb Sperling
#8 Dragons on the Green
#9 Anne-Todd Eisner
#10 Barb Kitchner 
#11 Anne-Todd Eisner
#12 Stella Pappas
#13 Sarah Waryas
#14 Lauri Limbaugh
#15 Dragons on the Green
#16 Valerie Chittim
#17 Karin Daley
#18 Kathy Werhner 
#19 Stella Pappas
#20 Stella Pappas

     Thank you



“Forget Me Not” embroidered

Mah Jongg Mat
Handmade by Jo Groves


Three Pieces of Glazed Pottery
 Speckled brownstone clay

Food, dishwasher,oven and
microwave safe
Handmade by Jack Groves


Dinner and Movie Basket ($85 value)
     AMC gift card - $25
     Craft Street Kitchen - $50
     Snacks - $10

     Donated by Laurie Beaty and

     Craft Street Kitchen


“Chocolate Delights”
      Red Decadence Dutch
      Chocolate Wine & Confections
      Donated by Sandy Panars in 
      memory of her Mother, Ann Haverlock 


One Hour Massage/Tote Bag/ Tumbler
     Donated by BayCare Fitness 
     Center (Palm Harbor)


Restaurant Basket ($160 value)
     Madison Pizza (Dunedin) $50
     Frenchy’s (Dunedin) $25
     Benedict’s (Dunedin) $15
     Carrabba’s (Palm Harbor)$20
     Olive Garden (Clearwater)$25
     Longhorn (Palm Harbor) $25


Dog Basket
   Includes: blanket; wine glass; 
   shampoo; cookies; poster; candle
   Donated by Barb Sperling & Poochie’s


Cat Basket
    Includes: play cube; scratch up;
    toys; Hill’s cat food; etc.

     Donated by Lauri Limbaugh, 
     manager, VCA Gulf Bay Animal


Doggie Beach Bag
    Includes: beach bag; beach 
    towel; frisbee; Hill’s dog food; 
    dental chews; ear cleaner;
    shampoo; waste bags; pet hair
     roller; etc.

     Donated by Lauri Limbaugh, 
     manager, VCA Gulf Bay Animal


Wine Basket
      Includes: Pinot Noir; Prosecco;
      Cabernet Sauvignon; pirouline 
      cookies; dark chocolate candy
      Donated by Stella Pappas


Panda Tiles/Black Dice
     Donated by Bev Bartholomew
     in memory of Bette Knox
     Tile Bags handmade by Elaine  Janes


Home For The Holiday
       Two Christopher Radko 2010 Plates
       Donated by Eileen Moore


Classic Boutique $100 Gift Card
        Donated by Classic Boutique


Westside Hair Design $50 Gift
      Certificate (Palm Harbor)
      Donated by Tricia Morrissey, owner


Bath & Body Works Basket   ($153 value)
      Includes: body cream; body
      spray; foaming hand soap, etc
      Donated by Peggy Kopke in
      memory of the Knox Family


Three Pieces of Glazed Pottery (White Clay)
      Bowls: Food, Dishwasher, 
      Microwave and Oven safe
      Vase: Crystalline Glaze (not for food)
      Handmade by Jack Groves


Tea and Cookies
      Includes: cookie jar and tea 
      cups; Nonni’s Dark Chocolate 
      Almond Biscotti and 
      Chamomile & Lavender Herbal Tea
      Donated by Kathy Werhner


Creative Memories 
      Alzheimer’s Society Memory
       Memory Book ($50 value)
      Donated by Kelly McKinley


Autographed Romance Novels,
      Mug, Pillow and Jammie Shirt
     Donated by Author Cindee
     Bartholomew in memory of her 
     father, Henry Ray Kent
     Mah Jongg Bookmark

     Donated by Jo Groves


Pelagic Aquapak Backpack ( $149 value)
       Donated by Leigh Caruso

    Bud vases donated by Kathy Werhner and Eileen Moore
    Purple Tote Bags donated by Stella Pappas
    Mah Jongg Mugs donated by Bev Bartholomew
    $50 donation from Dianne Knox in memory of Walter Knox
    Hand Sanitizers donated by St Mark Village (Palm Harbor)
    Pens donated by Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care Center (Largo)
    Pens, Notebooks & Flashlights donated by the First Christian Church of Clearwater

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