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Most issues will be handled by our Property Manager. Fill out a work order form online : HERE

Who do I contact for issues on the OUTSIDE of the building, pool, clubhouse or property? 

Where do I send my check for HOA fee or assesment? 

Please send all checks to : AMERI-TECH Property Management, Inc.
                                               24701 US Highway 19 N. Suite 102
                                               Clearwater, FL 33763

Be sure to include your Name, Curlew Landings address and additional address.

When is trash pick up? 

Both trash and recycling are currently picked up early Wednesday mornings. The town of Dunedin website page concerning trash and recycling: HERE

Who do I talk to about renting a house here?

These are homes not apartments. Owners may rent homes from time to time. Check with your local realtor for rentals. There is 90 day minimum for all rentals. Tenant Applications can be found HERE . Applications need to be submitted at least 20 days prior to occupation to give time for background check. NOTE: ONLY ONE FAMILY PER UNIT MAY BE OCCUPIED OR RENTED! Failure to abide by this rule will result in the eviction of tenants. 

Where can I find current HOA minutes and budget? 

Where can visitors park? 

Visitors may park in any spot marked VISITORS. We ask that no one park on the streets as this is a hazard for emergency vehicles to gain access if needed. 

What if I want to make an improvement on any common area of Curlew Landings? 

We love volunteers, but, ask that you please check with your HOA board before making any changes on the common areas including landscaping, fencing and buildings. You can email the board HERE

What alterations require an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application BEFORE work can commence? 

ANY change to the outside of your unit needs to be approved by the ARC and the HOA board. This includes (but is not limited to garage doors, door and windows screens, patio screens, new windows and doors,  patio enclosures. The ARC Application Packet can be found HERE. More information and a printable form is available HERE

What are the rules of Curlew Landings? 

Here is a list of SOME of the RULES & GUIDLINES. The total list is our Bylaw Documents HERE.

Where is the application for NEW BUYERS if i want to buy here?

HERE  is the application for new potential buyers. Please send the application via email to,  fax to 727-723-1101 ( attention Curlew Landings manager) or mail to :

AMERI-TECH Property Management, Inc.
C/O Curlew Landings Manager
24701 US Highway 19 N. Suite 102
Clearwater, FL 33763

Where do I find paint if touch up or repair is needed on the exterior of my init?

Call Porter Paint at 727-785-3641, ask for Sean or Lenny. Tell them you need either the green or white

(or both) paint from Curlew Landings. They have the colors in their system.

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