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Curlew Landings Landscape Committee

Current Landscape Committee Communication

The Landscape Committee was formed by the HOA to improve the esthetics of the community

and establish cohesive landscaping throughout the community.

The committee will achieve this goal through the following actions.

● Attend a Florida Native Plant webinar to learn and research appropriate plants that are

non-invasive, low maintenance for the community.

● Create landscaping zones within the community to manage the size and scope of the

landscaping project.

● Design a plan that gives a uniform look within our community.

● Identify and obtain estimates for removal of shrubs or trees impeding on driveways,

roads, buildings or other structures.

● Work with the irrigation company to maintain new landscaping

● Reduce costs by volunteering to implement and maintain landscaping within zones.

● Obtain estimates for portions of the Landscaping Plan within the approved budget

provided by HOA.

● Decorate the community for holidays

The first zone to be addressed will be the public areas affecting the whole community:

entrance, front of clubhouse, pool area and adjacent social gathering green space.

As we progress through the plan and work toward total HOA supported landscaping and

maintenance, homeowners will be allowed to landscape the common area in front of their home,

if they wish. A list of approved plants and groundcovers was developed to create cohesion in

the community and avoid plants that can cause problems with foundations, driveways, irrigation

and water lines.

Please keep in mind:

● If a homeowner decides to landscape their front area, please choose plants from the list

of approved plants and maintain the area.

● If there is a plant you want that is not on the list, please contact the landscape committee

at so the plant can be researched for size, space and

maintenance requirements.

● Please lay a weed blocking material before planting or applying ground cover.

● Recently improved common areas that do not match the landscape plan will be updated

by the committee when the respective zone is designated for new landscaping and

ground cover.

● The material that was chosen for ground cover is Flora Mulch (Brown). This material is

termite and ant resistant, accessible and budget friendly. The only other option is for

brown river rock.

● Forward any questions/concerns about landscaping to


Curlew Landings Approved Plants

This is a list of common landscaping plants you may use. If there is a plant you want to use not

on the list, please submit the plant to the Landscape Committee for review.

There are no restrictions annuals planted in the common area between driveways.

Plants in pots may be used in front or back porch areas. Pots are not permitted in common

areas, including the sides of buildings and along the fence.

Trees are not to be planted by homeowners. Trees require purchase and approval from the

board, including surveys for underground water, irrigation, electric and cable.


Holly Fern

Purple Ground Orchid

Minima Jasmine

Variegated Dwarf Jasmine

Jasmine Summer Sunset

Aztec Grass


Flax Lily

Foxtail Fern


Pink Ginger

Jasmine Fakahatchee Grass

Variegated Arboricola Coontie Palm

Dwarf Burford Holly White Leaved Fountain Grass

Gardenia Hawaian Ti

Dwarf Clusia Croton

Ixora Hibiscus

Apostles Iris Schefflera

Dwarf Podocarpos Yaupon Holly

Bird of Paradise

Black Coral Sansevieria

Mulch: Flori Mulch- Brown

Decorative Stone: Brown River Rock

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